Gun Defense in Martial Arts

Firstly it would be completely irresponsible to write this article without first stating that disarming or putting up a fight against an attacker that is armed with a gun is something you should never try and hopefully never you have to. However if you seek out the correct training and become very experienced in it and one day find yourself in the situation where you are absolutely sure your attacker is going to kill you or take you somewhere where the situation could be even more dangerous or deadly then and only then should you attempt to disarm a gun wielding assailant.

If that day comes these principals and techniques could save your life. Distance is a huge factor when dealing with a long range weapon like a firearm. If you know much about guns you will know most people can't shoot that great and short nosed pistols or revolvers become incredibly inaccurate at long distances. So if you are facing someone with a small short barreled .38 with 5 rounds and you are already 20 feet away, then your best bet may just be to run for it! However if you are at close range, the closer they are the better even if that means the barrel is touching you. This means less time for the gun wielding attacker to be able to react and fire before you can disarm them and makes it easier for you to gain control and get out of the line-of-fire.

The key to being able to execute disarming someone with a gun effectively is muscle memory. The time it takes for someone to pull a trigger and the bullet fire is so short you don't even have time to think about your movements. And this can only be mastered by hours of repetitive training, resulting in your muscles being able to react intuitively. The most important factor in being able to disarm a gun attack without being shot is to remember you must instantly get yourself out of the line-of-fire and stay out. Even if your attacker hadn't planned to shoot, the shock of you fighting back will likely scare them into firing. The fastest way to do this no matter if the gun is pressed to your head, stomach or back is to twist your body. And when disarming, make sure you remain out of the firing line at all times. Simultaneously with this movement you MUST gain control of the gun and keep control. Often in an effort to not warn your attacker of your intentions it is advised not to look at the gun and to verbalize that you will comply with their demands.

Once you have your hands on the gun, even against a larger and stronger attacker you can normally disarm them relatively easily. The key elements being are your speed, body weight and technique. Using your body weight you can twist the gun from them using your entire force against their grip or wrist. Or disarming can be done in a way the breaks the attackers fingers (be careful when practicing!)

So practice, practice, practice and stay out of the wrong neighborhoods tek tek dunk!

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